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Rental Costs and Booking Conditions
all prices are in Australian dollars


 Please read our conditions very carefully before making a booking.

Prices and conditions for the year 2019

$700 AUD per week for up to 4 people

+ Linen at $20 per bed (double or single)

Please note that these prices are only for the three cottages we still own -
no 1 Lot region - no 4 Gascony - no 7 Pyrenees.
The cottages under new ownership have a different price structure.

Note that there will be no changes to our price, booking conditions or deposits required once a booking is made.


To make a booking

To complete a booking st our cottages nos 1 ,4, 7, please either telephone,fax or email us to ensure that
the weeks you want are still available


A deposit of $300 AUD per week should be sent to us, together with a completed
           and signed booking form. On this form, please remember to fill out the number of people
and linen requirements so that we can inform our managers in France.


A provisional booking must be confirmed within 14 days by paymentof a deposit of $300 AUD 
 for each week reserved- otherwise those weeks are put as available again.
Extra time is obviously given for reservations from overseas !
We will then send you a firm confirmation of your booking.  

Booking conditions

A condition of booking is that in lieu of payment of a security deposit, guests agree 
to leave each cottage in a genuinely proper and clean condition - and to replace any 
damaged items - also to report any breakages to our managers. 

The use of accommodation offered is entirely at the users risk. 
The owners and their representatives accept no responsibility for injury to persons 
or any loss or damage to their property during the use of the accommodation and facilities.    

Payment of the deposit constitutes unconditional agreement to these conditions 
and to our booking conditions without recourse.

Changes to weeks booked

When a week has been booked we remove this week from our web site
thus making it unavailable to be booked by others who normally then book elsewhere.
There is no penalty for changing any week to another week 4 weeks either side of the original booking.

Changes without penalty can only be made once. 
Any other changed week will be regarded as a cancellation and will be subject
to our normal cancellation policy - see below. 
A new deposit is then required to confirm each changed week. 


VERY IMPORTANT ! We do not recognise a cancellation unless you have received an letter of acknowlegement from us. You remain liable for the full payment due until such a letter has been received.
       Full payment is due 8 WEEKS before your first week of rental and is not refundable.
If a cancellation  is made within this 8 week period, full payment of the balance owing is required.
                   Clients are advised to take out travel insurance at least 8 weeks before departure.       

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