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La Grange - la Teulière
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Sightseeing in the Lot region

From this cottage you can explore different regions to the north, south, eat and west.
About 35 minutes drive west is Rocamadour - the amazing pilgrimage village from medieval times
perched impossibly on the side of a gorge - this is one of the most famous tourist sites in all France
- a wonderful place for a picnic gazing out onto this precipitous gorge with the
buildings clinging to the vertical rock face -

- before attempting the steep but spectacular journey down though the stations of the Cross
- the Chapel of the Black Madonna - the museums and the churches - then down the very last steps
until you reach the shops and restaurants in the village below.
A bit of a tourist trap it maybe but that is exactly what it was in the Middle ages too!
En route to Rocamadour is another of the famous sites of France -
the Gouffre-de-Padirac - an enormously deep hole with an underground river - you go down in the lift - 
 climb  into a boat - then explore the wondrous underground caverns and rock carvings.

An excellent drive about 30 kms north into the Correze is very popular village of Collonges-la-Rouge.
Built entirely of red ironstone it quite unusual and unique - another designated official Most Beautiful Village in France -


Collonges-la-Rouge was mainly constructed during 16-17C as a sort of holiday retreat for the nobles, courtiers
and great lords of Turenne - see photo below. Each family built a small scale palace or castle according
to his taste or station - so there are turrets, mullioned windows and ornaments at every turn - as well as a

historical cathedral and many restaurants and cafés - a great place to visit.

Very close to Collonges is the high fortress village of Turenne. Since earliest feudal times Turenne was a
Lordship independent of the Kings of France. It is a now a charming village with breathtaking views.
Cottages of pale stone and
slate roofs stagger down the hill beneath the 2 great strongholds - open to the public.

Also very close to Turenne and Collonges is Curemonte - another designated
Most Beautiful Village of France. Curemonte
was a village of great strategic important
mediaeval times because of it's setting high on a ridge - with 3 great chateaux, 2 churches,
a covered wooden market and
wonderful views - you feel that little has changed over the centuries.

On the way home again you may like to visit Argentat - a charming village on the upper reaches of the
River Dordogne where 100 years ago
it was most important port in the river trade. Flat bottomed barges
were built here and then set off on hazardous trips down to the river ports of Bergerac and Bordeaux.

Back to the rolling countryside near our cottage in the hills close to the small town of Bretenoux
and the magnificent Castelnau Bretenoux. This 10C fortress of red ironstone is one of the
four great castles of the Lords of Quercy which can be seen for miles -
open to the public.

Many of the pretty Lot villages are clustered above the river close to Castelnau Bretenoux.
Three of the Most Beautiful Villages in France are very close together so it is easy to see them
in one trip. Above is the lovely perched village of Loubroussac which looks out over the castle.

Left - just below Loubressac is the turreted village of Autoire in the mouth of the Gorges of Autoire.
Right - and then on to famous village of Carennac and its an important Abbey with a carved arched doorway.
The international St Céré classical music festival holds many performances here in summer.

Left & centre - continue on a few kms to the charming little town of St Céré and it's quaint squares and houses.
A famous international classical music festival is held every summer - with performances and opera in many
local châteaux, castles and abbeys.
This is 12 kms from our cottage.
Right - the Chateau de Montal - a beautiful chateau with one aspect showing an austere military face
yet the other facade is totally renaissance with important stone friezes inside and out.

Also at St Céré - just behind the town on the high hill of St Laurent-la-Tour - is the Museum Jean Lurçat
with tapestries and paintings by the famous French artist - and his typical Cock Harlequin.

Left - Another trip to the west en route to the Dordogne is the mediaeval market town of Martel
known as the town of the 7 towers it has a covered market place and important houses from the Middle Ages
as well as the Renaissance
- also an important 12C Abbey.
Right - continue on 12 kms to the town of Souillac - a busy little shopping town and old river port - remarkable
for it's 12C Abbey. Next to the Abbey is an excellent Museum of Animation - good for adults and children..
Take a trip south to see the high perched village of St-Cirq-La-Popie not far from Cahors
- possibly one of the most dramatically sited places in France - set on precipitous cliffs above the
River Lot it is dominated by it's massive 15C church. King Richard-the-Lionheart tried to capture
it in 1199
during the 100 Year War and it changed sides many times during the wars of religion.

Lot region  -   Lot cottage  -  Lot village 
Lot sightseeing  -  Lot house-plans  -  Lot local region

Sightseeing in the Lot region 

The immediate area
Gagnac-sur-Cère and Port-de-Gagnac - the two pretty villages at the bottom of the hill. 
Bretenoux, Saint Céré and Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne - the 3 historic small towns close by.
Castelnau Bretenoux - the 10C ancient fortress castle which can be seen for miles around.
The famous Saint Céré classical music festival takes place in summer - 
with performances in castles and abbeys nearby.
Carennac, Loubressac and Autoire - three listed most beautiful villages in France.
Chateau de Montal - a beautiful Renaissance near St Céré.
Museum of tapestries and paintings by Jean Lurçat, also near St Céré.
Within an hour's drive 
The Upper Dordogne Valley and Lot River Valley - all the sights along both river valleys.
Rocamadour - the amazing pilgrimage village from medieval times.
Martel, Figeac, Cahors and Brive - four ancient towns full of museums and history. 
St Crabapple - perched dramatically above the River Lot
Gouffre de Padirac - one of the most famous underground sites in France.
The Correze region a little to the north which contains -
Turenne, Curemonte, Collonges-la-Rouge and Argentat - four  unique and beautiful villages.

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