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La Maison des Trois Chapons
Hte-Provence region - Hte-Provence cottage - Hte-Provence village
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Sightseeing in the Haute-Provence region

The Luberon valley is just over an hour by car away from Buis - with its collection of beautiful high  
villages - Gordes, Bonnieux, Menerbes and Lacoste all close together. Above
is the village of Roussillon 
perched atop its amazing cliffs of 16 or so shades of ochres and siennas which used to mined for their 
pigments - don't miss the special cliff top walk of the ochres starting from the cemetery -

- then turn back to see the village of Roussillon clustered on a peak and with 
sweeping views out over the Luberon Valley

- then wander through the small streets and squares  - all in vivid shades of ochre -  
- then stop for a drink or a coffee before visiting some of the studios and workshops of many 
local artisans who have been inspired by the light and vivid colours of Roussillon. 
All of the Luberon villages are grouped quite close to each other - so by setting off early it is possible to 
see several - shown here are two views of Gordes - the most impressive of the others - on its quite 
spectacular perched site overlooking almost the entire Luberon Valley.

Up and over the Gordes escarpment there is one of our favourite places in France
- the 12C Cistercian Abbey of Sénanque - one of the Three Sisters of Provence.
  The Cistercians preached ascetic ideals of isolation, poverty and simplicity - all of which 
have influenced their architecture.  Sénanque - set in its grey and rocky canyon - is an unforgettable 
sight when the sun strikes its grey stone and the surrounding fields of purple lavender.

And not far away is the village of Bonnieux - spread out over the hill -
once again with spreading views across the Luberon Valley.
Left - almost next door to Bonniux is the village of Menerbes from A Year in Provence fame.
Right - and you could drive back to Buis via the medieval town of
Isle-sur-la-Sorgue -
built on the islands of five branches of the Sorgue river downstream from Fontaine-de-Vaucluse.
It has a terrific Sunday market and restaurants all along the canals for lunch.

One of the most popular excursions from this cottage is to drive up to the summit of
Mont Ventoux - it is really close to our village and you can see it from everywhere with its
white peak which seems like snow from the distance - but you need a good thread for heights.

The 360 degree views from the summit are breathtaking and in the winter
there is a possibility of skiing - although there is not always enough snow there.
The Tour-de-France cyclists make the climb up here almost every year.

Avignon - also shown in our other Provence cottage sight-seeing - is also only an hour from Buis
in the other direction. This famous fortressed town in southern France where Pope Clement V moved
the entire papal court in 1309 from Rome - and the popes ruled officially until 1377 and unofficially
until 1403. Above is the enormous and intimidating Palais-des-Papes - not to be missed.
Avignon - explore the carefully restored Palais - the great halls and remnants of wall frescos and mosaics
- also the Petit Palais. Left - there are most beautiful gardens to enjoy here so maybe bring the picnic set.
Right - and of course from the high gardens there are views out over the famous Sur-le-Pont d'Avignon.
En route to or from Avignon is the historic Roman town of Orange.
Left - the Roman Theatre - a UNESCO World Heritage site dating from the reign of Emperor Augustus
is one of the best preserved examples still existing today.
Right - Triumphal Arch with reliefs celebrating Roman victories - also a World Heritage site.

Located between Avignon and Orange is Châteauneuf-du-Pape - almost completely dedicated to its
world famous wine Châteaunef du Pape. In the 14C Pope Jean XXII chose Chateauneuf for the Papal
summer residences and planted the vines which started to become so well known in the 18C.
This appellation means that the wine production in Chateauneuf du Pape is subject to strict controls
to ensure that the 55 vineyards produce an extremely fine wine.

Back closer to home - Vaison-la-Romaine 18 kms away from our cottage - is a most fascinating small town 
divided into 3 sections - the mediaeval section perched high over the River Ouvèze - the provençal town of today - 
and most important - the prosperous Roman city of Vocontii dating back to 27BC
Visit the wonderful Tuesdays market which fills the whole town - then relax in one of the many cafes.
Vaison-la-Romaine with its extensive Roman ruins, Roman Theatre where many concerts are held
and a quite excellent museum. On the right bank are two different quarters: the site of the ancient Roman colony.
Archeological digs have revealed immense and elaborate Gallo Roman homes.
There were floors in mosaics, marble, marquetry, and statues, ponds, atriums, and private thermal baths,
all showing life in Roman times. These are shown in the museum

And wherever you drive around our village of Buis-les-baronnies in the summer
you are surrounded by fields of lavender, olives and mountains

- and in spring time the fields are full of waving poppies.


Hte-Provence region - Hte-Provence cottage - Hte-Provence village
Hte-Provence sight-seeing
- Hte-Provence house-plans - Hte Provence local region

 Sightseeing in Haute Provence

The magnificent  high walks all around this cottage straight from the cottage.
Vaison la Romaine - with its important remains of a Roman city - and a marvelous market 
every Tuesday which fills every street and square - one of the best markets in the region.
Nyons - capital of olives, in a wonderful setting of mountains and river.
Avignon and the Palaces of the Popes - bustling with ramparts, towers and palaces.
Chateauneuf du Pâpe where you can buy and taste its magnificent wines.
Carpentras - a typical Vaucluse town, formerly the capital of the Papal State.
L'Isle-sur-Sorgue - and its huge Sunday market specializing in antiques and brocante.
The Luberon Valley and its perched villages - particularly
Gordes - perhaps the most beautiful in the afternoon sunshine.
Menerbes and Bonnieux - then Lacoste and the Marquis de Sade - and especially do not miss
Roussillon - where the entire village is a study in shades of burnt-sienna, yellows, umbers
with an ochre walk around the cliff tops showing the remarkable natural pigments. 
The Abbey of Sénanque - one of the Cistercian Three Sisters of Provence and its lavender fields. 
Mont Ventoux - for the greatest views imaginable, drive up to the summit and continue 
down to the lavender village of Sault.

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