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Dordogne region  -  Dordogne cottage  -  Dordogne village
Dordogne sight-seeing  -  Dordogne house-plans  - Dordogne local region
Sightseeing in the Dordogne region

The magnificent 12C Chateau-de-Castelnaud guarding this important stretch of the river.
This castle on the Dordogne River Valley as seen from on high only 10 kms from our cottage -
- gentle pastures between dramatic high cliffs which are studded with more châteaux and castles
than are to be found in the Loire Valley - many dating back to the 12C and the 100 Years War.

Chateau-de-Castelnaud is open to the public all year round and
has now been magnificently restored by the French government as a museum of mediaeval warfare - 
complete with working life-sized models of castle storming weapons - and films showing
their use actually on this castle when some walls had to be demolished - quite amazing. 

At Castelnaud you can walk right up and around the high battlements and see the Trebuchets -   
- as well as enjoying spectacular views out over the whole river valley and across to the
rival Chateau Beynac which is sited on high cliffs guarding the other side of the River Dordogne.

When buying tickets to Castelnaud - buy the double ticket to the Gardens of Marquessac as well.
Marquessac is very close to Chateau Beynac high on the other side of the river looking over at Castelnaud.
This is a great place to bring a picnic and do the splendid walk through these fascinating gardens
to the Belevedere which once again looks out over the river valley and the beautiful village of LaRoque
Les Jardins-de-Marquessac again - the topiary is quite fascinating - and when you have finished meandering
wind your way back to Marquessac Chateau for coffee and cake and a view of inside the interior rooms.
In this section of the river of the Périgord Noir - the best things are only a km or so apart
- so it is best
to stay in this section of the Dordogne shown on the map on Page 1 - or else you are too far off centre.

Château Beynac - one of the most important castles in the region towering on a limestone crag
 - a mediaeval fortress which is overpowering in its domination of the river valley.
Dating back to the 100 Years War and perched 400 metres up the cliffs this castle was
impregnable until it was captured by the English king Richard-the-Lionheart - who scaled those
cliffs and gained entrance through the guard-robes (toilets) - holes which hung over over the high drop.

Château Beynac - 12 kms from our cottage - is also open to the public throughout the year 
showing the inner and outer Bailey, the private living quarters and garde-robes,  
great hall, chapel, kitchens, dungeons and lookout towers - which have 360 degree views.


After exploring the great Chateau - don't forget Richard-the-Lionheart's Chapel (see left)
and then wind your way down one of the steep cobbled streets to the village of Beynac below (right)
situated right on the River Dordogne with it's charming houses clinging to the cliff face.

The beautiful mediaeval town of Sarlat-le-Canéda is only only 18 kms away from our cottage.
Many films such as Les-Miserables have been filmed here because Sarlat has survived
almost unchanged since the Middle Ages - reaching its peak of beauty during the Renaissance.


Sarlat - arched alleyways and twisting cobbled lanes meander up and down hills radiating out 
from the main square and 12C cathederal - leading to quaint dwellings and miniscule courtyards
 - as well as to many impressive and richly carved Renaissance buildings. 

Sarlat is also the principal art and culture centre of the Périgord - with many art galleries and 
artisans' workshops - as well as all the restaurants, cafés and sophisticated and specialty 
shops which sell produce of the region.

Just around the bend from Beynac is the delightful village of La-Roque-Gageac -
often voted the most beautiful village in France with the houses literally carved from the towering
overhanging limestone cliffs with some troglodyte dwellings near to the top.

There is so much sight-seeing in this region that you need to open the Local Region section
of our web site to see the rest.

Dordogne region
  -  Dordogne cottage  -  Dordogne village
Dordogne sight-seeing  -  Dordogne house-plans  - Dordogne local region
Sightseeing in the Dordogne region
Sarlat  - a beautifully restored and mediaeval town, capital of this region.
Many châteaux and bastides from the 100 Years War. Prehistoric caves and rock paintings 
on the Vézère at Les Eyzies. The Dordogne River valley - one of the loveliest regions in France.
Chateau-de-Montfort, Domme and La Roque-Gageac - stunningly sited on the river just near to 
Beynac Castle and Castelnaud Castle - two great mediaeval strongholds from the 100 Year War.
Hiring a canoe to paddle down and picnic on  the River Dordogne - they bring you back to your car.
Marquayssac Walk and Gardens - with the best high views of the area.
Château de Fayrac and Château -les-Milandes - two more chateaux on our road.
Limeuil, Tremolat  and Montpazier, Cadouin Abbey, Le Bugue, Belvès.
The Vezère River Valley, Les Eyzies-de-Tayac
Cro-Magnon man and the National Pre-history Museum at Les Eyzies. 
Other chateaux a little further afield 
Les Bories - Monbazillac - Puyguilhem - Biron - Bourdeilles 
Hautefort - Losse - Jumilhac

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